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Sacramento’s wrong-way horror

Officials investigate the crash on westbound Highway 50 on April 22.
Officials investigate the crash on westbound Highway 50 on April 22.

Wrong-way driver crashes have killed 14 people in the Sacramento region since Jan. 10.

In each case, the collisions occurred late at night or in the early morning. The carnage occurred in four separate crashes on Highway 505 in Yolo County and Highway 50 and Interstate 80 in Sacramento County.

In each case the driver blamed for the wrecks was driving alone. At least two of the drivers are believed to have been intoxicated.

In each case, more than one person was killed in cars that were hit: three young people from Placer County, three senior citizens, a mother and her two daughters and, in Tuesday morning’s crash, two young men in a car registered in the Bay Area.

The crashes:

May 12: Three people were killed at 12:30 a.m. when a pickup slammed into a car on I-80 near Madison Avenue. The driver of a Ford F-150 pickup was reported traveling in the eastbound fast lane of westbound I-80 at Watt Avenue. The pickup eventually crashed into a Lexus automobile with two men inside at Madison Avenue.

The wrong-way driver of the pickup and the two men in the car died at the scene.

May 2: An Arbuckle mother and her two teenage daughters were killed in a freeway collision that occurred when a wrong-way driver crashed head-on into their car.

Sofia Ramirez, 38, and daughters Alyssa Santiago, 17, and Brenda Santiago, 15, died about 10:20 p.m. in the crash on Interstate 505 near Highway 16 in Yolo County.

The wrong-way driver, 36-year-old Francisco Salazar Garcia, also died.

April 22: An intoxicated driver traveling the wrong way on Highway 50 in the early morning hours slammed into a pickup with three men just east of Stockton Boulevard.

The collision killed 19-year-old Elizabet Torres-Zela, identified by the CHP as the wrong-way driver. The men killed in the pickup were identified as Pepito Rivera, 81, Nick Bacareza, 74, and Tony Kilayko, 76, all of Stockton.

Jan. 10: A crash on I-80 killed three young people from Placer County and injured Aaron Jordon Caudillo, whom prosecutors have accused of speeding, drunkenly, the wrong way on the highway.

Officials said he was driving with the lights off on his black sedan when the vehicle slammed head-on into the teens’ Buick just after 2 a.m. The teens who died in that crash were Kendra Langham, 18, Mathew Beardwit, 18, and Matthew Azar, 19.