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Stephon Clark’s brother arrested after threatening to kill roommate, court papers say

Stephon Clark’s brother, Stevante, was accused of threatening to kill one of his roommates and of shouting profanities at a Sacramento police officer he referred to as a “f------ pig,” according to court papers obtained Friday by The Sacramento Bee.

The accusations against Clark, who was arrested Thursday on charges that include suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and making death threats, are contained in an application for a restraining order against him filed by Samantha Urke, who shared a house with her partner and Clark on Acacia Avenue.

Urke said she was “verbally harassed with threat of death and violence, very confrontational behavior, getting into my face and threatening to kill me ...,” according to the application. Urke’s application resulted in a restraining order that was granted Wednesday and ordered Clark, 25, to stay at least five yards away from Urke and her partner, and to stay away from their workplaces and vehicles.

The order was issued after Urke complained of threatening and abusive behavior by Clark, including him making a “slice across throat motion” at her.

Clark, speaking to The Bee on Friday in an interview at the Sacramento County jail, disputed his roommates' version of events.

“They’re frauds,” he said. “They’re the ones with an agenda. See, them bashing me serves their agenda.”

Clark, 25, is being held on felony suspicion of threatening to commit a crime and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as misdemeanor counts of vandalism and calling 911 to harass or annoy. He’s scheduled to appear in front of a Sacramento County Superior Court judge Monday afternoon for arraignment.

Clark declined to talk about the events leading up to his arrest, or about the restraining order filed by the couple. Instead, he referred a Sacramento Bee reporter to his legal counsel, but did not name who was representing him.

“You have to talk to my lawyer,” he said. “I don’t know nothing about that, really.”

Despite being behind bars, Clark appeared optimistic and conversational Friday morning. He wore an orange-colored shirt, pants and shoes, and propped his feet onto a metal table during a portion of the jailhouse interview.

Clark called for increased police training and upgrades to the Sacramento County Main Jail’s medical floor, where he was being held.

“We’re going to help this place, instead of talk about it, because nobody’s going to help,” he said.

Clark has become a central figure in the protests and outcry over the March 18 death of his brother, Stephon, an unarmed 22-year-old black man shot to death by two Sacramento police officers.

Police have said the officers thought Stephon Clark had a gun and fired 20 rounds at him, hitting him eight times, six in the back. He later was found to be carrying only a cellphone.

Since that shooting, protesters have swarmed the streets of Sacramento, City Hall and targeted District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s office, asking that she file criminal charges against the officers.

At the same time, questions have been raised about Stevante Clark’s stability. He checked into the UC Davis Medical Center earlier this month, and then subsequently spent about two days as an inpatient in a nearby mental health facility. His roommates said Clark had been renting a room from them since January, and that since his brother was shot he had been acting erratically.

The breaking point for the roommates came this week, when Urke called police about Clark’s behavior and subsequently filed the petition for a restraining order.

Urke, 30, wrote that on Monday Clark began shouting at a Sacramento police officer who was parked in front of their home, and that when she asked him to stop he began shouting at her until she went back to her room and stayed there.

Urke said Clark, who is referred to as “Person 2” in the restraining order application, was yelling at the officer from his own bedroom.

“I looked out my front door and saw a police officer and cruiser parked in my front lawn, Person #2 was berating the cop, yelling ‘you f------ pig, come get me, you can't because you can’t touch me’ and on and on,” she wrote. “I knocked on Person #2 bedroom door and yelled at him to stop yelling at the police and to just be quiet and he began to attack me verbally, through the door, saying, “Fat b----, don’t touch me or I will ruin you.”

The next morning, Urke wrote, Clark emerged from his bedroom and told her partner, Alejandro Reylon Rouska, that “if you don't control your fat b---- I'll do it for you.”

The couple had given him a 30-day notice to leave the home by May 5, court documents say, but Urke wrote that Clark ”became increasingly aggressive and began to threaten to kill me and make threatening gestures.”

“He got into my personal space and begged me to hit him so he could ruin me and mine,” she wrote.

Urke said she called police on Tuesday, but that Clark continued to berate her while she was on the phone and that an officer directed the couple to leave the home and come to the station to file a report.

Clark’s behavior apparently continued to worsen, with authorities saying he posted video on Facebook Live of himself wearing a bulletproof vest and later carrying a dagger in a scabbard in his waistband and muttering about Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

On Thursday, as police responded to multiple calls about odd behavior from a man on Acacia who was wearing a bulletproof vest and hitting passing cars with a shovel, Clark was arrested.

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