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Hilariously fake registration sticker leads to arrest of 2 sporting goods thieves

Vacaville Police Department

Two Sacramento men were arrested last week by Vacaville police after a search found nearly $3,000 of athletic equipment in their vehicle. But that's far from the dumbest element of the crime.

Cops pulled over the suspects' vehicle after spotting a very, very low-effort fake registration tag on the rear license plate. It appears to be nothing more than two blue pieces of tape with the number "19" scribbled sloppily in black marker, as seen in a Facebook post by the Vacaville Police Department.

"The DMV's registration tab quality appears to be in decline," the Police Department sarcastically captioned the photo.

The Facebook post identified the two men arrested as Joseph Seeger and Travis Quigley, both of Sacramento.

Seeger and Quigley were found with about $2,800 worth of baseball gloves in their car. High-end gloves had recently been stolen from a Fairfield Dick's Sporting Goods store. Seeger and Quigley were allegedly spotted on store surveillance video tampering with gloves' theft-detection sensors.

"I got them from a friend..." one of them used as a flimsy explanation, according to the Police Department post. Users in the comment section unanimously shamed the suspected thieves for their incompetence.

Each suspect was on some form of probation and both had suspended driver's licenses, Vacaville police said. They were arrested and charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and violation of their probation.

For the record, the suspects' vehicle did have one thing right: 2019 registration tags are, indeed, blue.

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