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Auburn homeless man arrested after allegedly starting fire below baby's bedroom

An Auburn man was arrested last week for setting fire to a condominium's laundry room, endangering a woman and her baby residing above it.

Dylan R. Fain, 25, an Auburn-area homeless man was arrested July 3 on suspicion of arson of an inhabited dwelling and child endangerment.

Placer County Sheriff's deputies responded to the incident on the 11000 block of Garnet Way, where witnesses alleged that the suspect poured fuel on the door of the condominium’s laundry room, before lighting the fuel and fleeing the scene, according to an update shared to the Sheriff's Office Facebook page on Tuesday.

The laundry room was located directly below the child's bedroom, according to the Sheriff's Office, and Cal Fire responded quickly, extinguishing the fire before significant damage had occurred.

Fain is being held in the Placer County Jail and his bail is set at $250,000, the Sheriff's Office said.