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Man accused of robbing Roseville bank flees, causing three-car crash, police say

A suspect accused of robbing a Chase Bank location in Roseville on Tuesday may be connected to a series of bank robberies in the area, according to a news release made by the Roseville Police Department.

The department received a phone call at around 9:47 a.m. describing a white male in his 50s who was seen inside the Chase Bank on Douglas Boulevard, displaying a firearm and "demanding" money, according to the release. He took an "undisclosed amount of money" and fled, according to Police Department spokesperson Rob Baquera.

The suspect fled from the bank in a sedan — which had been identified from a previous bank robbery — and tried to evade the police, who were following him, Baquera said.

In his haste, the suspect collided with two other vehicles, causing him to be trapped inside of his vehicle.

Baquera said that the suspect was injured and taken to a hospital, where he was still located as of Tuesday afternoon, and is in custody. The passengers of the other vehicles involved in the incident were taken to the hospital with injuries ranging from mild to moderate, according to the release.

There have been seven bank robberies in Roseville since March.

"We don't believe that this individual was connected to all seven, but it's possible that he's connected to some of the seven," Baquera said.

Both the Roseville Police Department and the FBI are investigating the robbery.