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Stockton ice cream vendors have been shot, pistol-whipped and bludgeoned since June

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If you have information about any of these people, please call 800-222-7463.
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If you have information about any of these people, please call 800-222-7463.

A man selling ice cream was shot and injured by two apparent robbers Friday in Stockton, according to an activity report by the Stockton Police Department.

The man was approached by two armed suspects — described as Hispanic boys, ages 17-18 — who attempted to take money from the victim, the police report said.

The vendor armed himself with a knife in an attempt to defend himself, after which the suspects fired multiple rounds at him. The vendor suffered a wound to the shoulder and is expected to survive, police reported.

The shooting happened Friday night in Stockton’s Civic District, near North Union Street, according to the report.

With more than a week left in July, the shooting marks at least the fifth reported incident involving violence against an ice cream vendor reported publicly since April, with three occurring in the past four weeks.

On June 26, a 69-year-old ice cream man was pistol-whipped and robbed of $70, as reported by ABC10. At the time, Stockton police told ABC10 there had been about a half-dozen ice cream-related robberies in the past six months but that they did not believe the crimes were related.

In early April, two separate attacks on a 77-year-old and an 82-year-old, each selling ice cream from a bicycle cart, were reported by Stockton police. The 77-year-old was robbed of cash and his cellphone, suffering injuries, while the 82-year-old was jumped by four teenagers, who were scared away before taking any of the elderly man’s belongings, KCRA 3 reported.

On July 3, yet another ice cream man was beaten by three men — described as Hispanic men in their early 20s — but not in an attempted robbery. The violent incident, in which the vendor was struck in the head with a crowbar, was apparently the result of road rage along West Hammer Lane, where the vendor was driving his ice cream truck, as CBS13 reported earlier this month.