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Two gang members convicted for Citrus Heights double homicide may face life in prison

Alex Martinez Camacho, one of the gang members convicted for the 2013 double-homicide on Birdcage Street.
Alex Martinez Camacho, one of the gang members convicted for the 2013 double-homicide on Birdcage Street. Sacramento County District Attorney's Office

Two gang members have been convicted for a 2013 double homicide on Birdcage Street in Citrus Heights, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

In 2014, David Javier Jaimes and Alex Martinez Camacho Camacho were arrested for the Citrus Heights homicides, and last Thursday they were both convicted on two counts of first-degree murder, as well as attempted murder, according to the news release.

Jaimes, 25, and Camacho, 23, have both been identified as members of the North Sacra Norteno gang, according to a news release from the district attorney.

Enhancements were added to their sentence for discharging a firearm and committing crimes for the benefit of a street gang.

On May 21, 2013, Jaimes and Camacho were driving down Birdcage Street when they saw someone they thought was a member of a rival gang talking to two other people, a man and a woman. They left the car, and then fatally shot Gladis Quinteros and Enrique De La Cruz multiple times, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Neither of the victims had any gang affiliations, investigations showed.

At the time of the Birdcage Street shooting, no suspects were apprehended. But a month later, Jaimes and Camacho were involved in another shooting that took place from a car, this time at the intersection of Arden Way and Morse Avenue in Sacramento. A sheriff’s deputy who heard the shots pursued the vehicle, and during the pursuit a handgun was thrown out of the vehicle.

That handgun was eventually connected to the Birdcage Street double homicide, as well as other shootings across Citrus Heights. Police believe most of these shootings were perpetrated by Jaimes and Camacho, and both men have been arrested for other gang-related shootings. In addition to the latest conviction, both men are currently facing other charges ranging from attempted murder to assault with a firearm.

Jaimes and Camacho are scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 21. They each face up to a max sentence of life in prison without parole.

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