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Like ‘having your Lamborghini stolen’: Police help recover rare, expensive racing bike

A stolen Colnago Extreme C bike was recovered by the Elk Grove Police Department and the owner was identified.
A stolen Colnago Extreme C bike was recovered by the Elk Grove Police Department and the owner was identified. Courtesy of Elk Grove Police Department

The rightful owner of a stolen, high-end racing bicycle was discovered with help from police and a cycling club on Facebook following the bike’s recovery, authorities say.

The Elk Grove Cycling Club published the information on its Facebook page last Thursday, and the bike’s owner contacted the Elk Grove Police Department in a matter of hours, police said.

The bike recovered by Elk Grove Police Department was a Colnago Extreme C, a rare Italian racing bike that isn’t sold in the Sacramento area, according to Elk Grove police. An internet search shows that an Extreme C bike frame alone, even used, is listed for sale anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.

Police recovered the bicycle when they detained a man allegedly carrying burglary tools and looking into vehicles, the Police Department said.

When the bike was booked as found property, the officers in the property and evidence division recognized that it was a high-end racing bike and “possibly did not belong to the suspect,” the Facebook post said.

Knowing that the cycling community is tight-knit and often shares information about stolen bikes, a community service officer reached out to the club on social media, which led to the speedy recovery.

“It would be akin to having your Lamborghini stolen,” police said in a Tuesday morning post to Facebook.

Jody McComas, a resident of Orangevale, says he had three bicycles stolen from his garage while he was home on Aug. 10. The bikes stolen included a mountain bike and the recovered Colnago racing bike.

During the robbery, one individual rode the mountain bike away from the house and returned on foot shortly after, McComas said his personal security video showed.

Searching the neighborhood soon after the robbery, McComas found the mountain bike abandoned at a nearby park.

Elk Grove police are still in the process of returning the recovered racing bike to McComas.