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Wounded robbery victim turns tables on thief in Citrus Heights

A quick, wild series of events in Citrus Heights on Sunday night included a wounded robbery victim picking up the firearm with which he was shot and returning fire, injuring his attacker.

The robbery began about 10:20 p.m. Sunday in the 7700 block of Farmgate Way, west of Birdcage Street, when a 25-year-old man got out of a vehicle and tried to rob a pedestrian.

The pedestrian refused to give up his possessions and the robber shot the man in his abdomen. When the victim tried to escape, he was shot again.

A passer-by came to the aid of the pedestrian, prompting the robber to hit the passer-by in the head with an object, according to Citrus Heights police. The robber dropped his firearm amid the commotion.

The pedestrian, despite his gunshot wounds, picked up the dropped weapon and fired at the robber, hitting him several times. The robber fled. He was driven from the scene and to the hospital by Rebekah Nand, 21, according to police.

Nand was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy.

Her male accomplice, the gunman, has not been identified. He underwent surgery for his gunshot wounds.

The robbery victim was also taken to a hospital. His condition is not known.