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Post Office employee charged with stealing packages suspected to contain marijuana

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Check out Sacramento Crime Stoppers' most wanted criminals for the week of Aug. 13, 2019.

A West Sacramento U.S. Postal Service employee was indicted on charges of embezzlement, mail theft and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after being suspected of stealing packages filled with marijuana, meant to be inspected by postal inspectors.

Between Oct. 2018 and February, 51-year-old Shabina Debbie, an employee at the Royal Oaks Post Office, was observed moving parcels suspected of containing marijuana and other drugs into priority mail packages and taking them home, according to court documents.

Royal Oaks Post Office employees contacted Postal Service agents in Sept. 2018 when they noticed a large parcel suspected of containing marijuana was found inside a supply room.

Postal Service agents launched an investigation and later observed Debbie moving parcels flagged for narcotics inspection off of a storage cart into a hamper, according to court documents.

After the packages were stored in the hamper, Debbie was seen on surveillance footage placing priority mail boxes on top “in a concealing manner that made the parcels inside the cart no longer visible,” court documents say.

Law enforcement officials conducting surveillance in October found a bundle of “unused, unopened red and white Priority Mail boxes, still wrapped in plastic.”

Court documents also indicate an examination of Postal Service records found approximately 100 packages went missing from the Royal Oaks Post Office over the last year.

Debbie faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if she is convicted.