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Driver blames bee for Yolo truck crash

Anybody who has ever had a bee in his car can sympathize with the truck driver who Thursday morning ended up spilling a load of gravel when he said he tried to shoo one of the buzzing insects out of his big-rig cab.

The California Highway Patrol said that County Road 98 south of Russell Boulevard was closed for several hours for cleanup after a big-rig driver traveling southbound about 6:30 a.m. lost control and overturned his truck.

The driver said he noticed a bee on his dashboard and tried to move it along out a window. Unfortunately, he also allowed his tractor-trailer rig to drift off the west side of the road.

He overcorrected and his rig overturned, spilling the load onto the pavement. The driver was not injured, according to a CHP press release. No word on the bee.