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Sacramento jury convicts man of string of crimes that began with attack on wife

A man accused of a crime spree that began with a domestic violence incident at a North Sacramento home in February 2014 has been convicted of attempted murder and attempted voluntary manslaughter.

A Sacramento County jury on Tuesday also found Webster Lee, 44, guilty of four counts of assault with a firearm, spousal abuse, false imprisonment, carjacking, robbery, criminal threats, vehicle theft and resisting a police officer by force. The jury further found that Lee was armed with a shotgun during these offenses and that he personally discharged a shotgun, causing great bodily harm to two victims, according to a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office news release.

The jury heard evidence during a sanity phase of the trial and determined that Lee was sane at the time he committed these act.

On Feb. 3, 2014, Lee became angry with his wife and brandished a shotgun. He then ordered a female occupant of the apartment in the 2300 block of Oakmont Street to tie up his wife. Over several hours, Lee abused his wife, including choking her and burning her with cigarettes, authorities said. When the female occupant armed herself with a kitchen knife, Lee shot her with the shotgun.

Lee then went upstairs to another apartment and demanded car keys from the residents at gunpoint, threatening to shoot several people inside. He began to load his wife and the wounded female into the carjacked vehicle before police arrived.

A man who had not been involved in the incident encountered Lee near the side of the driveway, and Lee shot him three times in the back, authorities.

Lee drove the women to Concord, where he left them on a street corner.

Lee then stole another vehicle and eventually was pulled over on Interstate 80 in Solano County by California Highway Patrol officers. When Lee got out of the vehicle and charged officers, one of the officers shot Lee in an arm. As Lee was receiving medical aid, an in-car camera video captured him attempting to take one officer’s handgun from a holster.

Lee is to be sentenced July 10 before Sacramento Superior Court Judge Helena Gweon.