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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: Any update on suspects arrested in El Dorado County cold-case homicide?

Q: I’m inquiring about the results of a 10-year-old cold case murder of Tobias Kaiser and involving Eric Mehlmauer. The last I heard, a body was recovered, but it is unknown to me where and how it was recovered and what’s happened since.

Sgt. Mann, Medford, Ore.

A: The El Dorado County District Attorney’s office in January announced the arrest of Eric Todd Mehlmauer of Placerville and Ronald Anthony Garcia of Sacramento in connection with the death of Tobias Kaiser.

Kaiser, 48, was last seen alive Nov. 30, 2006, at his home near the 7400 block of Perry Creek Road in Somerset.

The DA’s office said the arrests were based on information gathered by investigators. A complaint filed in El Dorado County Superior Court alleges that Mehlmauer shot and killed Kaiser and that Garcia knew of the crime, but concealed the information to help Mehlmauer avoid arrest.

On March 27, cold case homicide investigators unearthed Kaiser’s remains in El Dorado County. Officials did not disclose the exact location where the remains were found.

Mehlmauer, 47, remains in El Dorado County Jail awaiting trial. His is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Aug. 20, according to Dave Stevenson, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office. Stevenson said Garcia, 53, pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy and will be sentenced after Mehlmauer’s trial.