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Land Park home repeatedly targeted by vandals

A Land Park home repeatedly has been targeted by vandals over the last two weeks, residents say.

Sam Wood, who lives on 12th Avenue near William Land Park, said the damage to his 90-year-old house has reached more than $1,000. The episodes began nearly two weeks ago, Wood said, when someone left a bunch of garbage in his front yard.

“We just thought it was a prank gone too far,” he said.

Then, someone threw a light fixture through his front window, according to Wood. A few days later, a wooden swing was thrown through the same window, he said.

All the vandalism has occurred at night.

On Friday, Wood had the window replaced. Then early Sunday, vandals struck again, this time lobbing a large rock through the same window.

“This has been quite disturbing,” Wood said, adding that it will cost $800 more to fix the window again.