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Alarming proposal: Roseville updating ordinance to stop waste of police resources

Tired of responding to false calls for service, the Roseville Police Department will ask the City Council to approve an updated burglary alarm ordinance.

“If we can cut back on the amount of time officers spend responding to false alarms, they can respond to legitimate requests for service more quickly, and they’ll have more time to patrol neighborhoods,” Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said.

The ordinance will appear before the council after outreach to the public about the proposal is completed. The item could be on the council agenda within a month.

Last year, officers responded to 3,364 calls when burglary, robbery or panic alarms were tripped or activated. One percent or less of those calls were due to an actual burglary or other crime, according to police.

False alarms are caused by a variety or reasons, including user error, faulty equipment, pets tripping sensors, doors not fully closed and even helium-filled balloons drifting into an alarm sensor after store clerks have gone home.

Roseville police responses to alarms have decreased 2 percent as the city has grown 12 percent over the past six years. The goal is to reduce the amount even more.

Proposed changes include:

▪ The initial fee for an alarm permit for residents and businesses would remain at $35, which is good for two years. After that, instead of the yearly $5 renewal, Roseville would charge $15 every two years.

▪ New fees would be instituted for operating a non-registered alarm system and for not renewing alarm systems on the two-year schedule.

▪ Alarm companies would have to make at least two attempts to call the alarm holder or the alarm holder’s emergency representative to verify burglary alarms before calling police. The requirement does not apply to robbery or panic alarms.

Twice a year, the alarm companies would have to supply the Police Department with a list of locations with alarms.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews