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New double phone scam perpetrated in Davis

Davis police said that a phone scammer apparently first impersonated an IRS agent and then an officer in an attempt to bilk a local resident.

Davis police said that on Friday the scammer impersonating an Internal Revenue Service agent, called asking the victim to pay money to avoid arrest. The Davis resident hung up the phone.

The resident immediately received a second call, this time from someone impersonating a Davis police officer. The caller said that she needed to cooperate with the IRS or she would be arrested.

The number that appeared on the resident’s phone was that of the Davis Police Department even though it was not from an officer. The victim, to her credit, recognized this as a scam, police said in an alert.

Davis police do not collect fines or money owed to the IRS. If a suspicious call is received in which the caller claims to be an officer, attempt to get a name and badge number.

Then, call the department with the regular business number to speak with an officer to confirm identity. A police department caller ID number can be fraudulently used by a scammer.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews