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Rocklin woman busted on pot charges after creeping along interstate in car

LUBBOCK, Texas – A driver reported by other travelers for creeping along at about 5 mph on a West Texas interstate faces up to 20 years in prison for trying to smuggle marijuana.

Christini Lynn Brashear of Rocklin, California, pleaded guilty in Lubbock to possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Prosecutors on Monday announced the penalty for Brashear, whose SUV was located last Christmas Day along eastbound Interstate 20 near Abilene.

Police received multiple calls about a slow-moving vehicle. Most stretches of I-20 near Abilene have a 75 mph speed limit.

Officers found the SUV parked with Brashear asleep at the wheel. Police discovered about 165 pounds of marijuana in the SUV, plus directions to Houston.

Prosecutors say Brashear, who told police she used methamphetamine, rented the vehicle Dec. 22 in Sacramento, California.