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Rocklin police warn of PayPal scams on classified websites

The Rocklin Police Department cautions residents to be alert to PayPal scams perpetrated via Craigslist and other classified ad websites.

Police cited as an example a recent report received from a resident who listed her dining room table for sale on Craigslist. The woman told police that she received an immediate response from a prospective buyer, who offered her full price but needed to have someone else pick up the table. The buyer offered to send the woman a PayPal payment, plus money for the person who would be picking up the furniture.

When the woman asked how much extra, the individual said $625 would be added and asked the seller to give the mover that amount in cash, according to the Police Department news release.

Police advise people to be particularly cautious when selling high-dollar items on websites such as Craigslist, and to be aware of common warning signs of a scam:

▪ The buyer can’t meet in person for reasons such as job-related conflicts.

▪ The buyer asks you to send the item to their “shipping agent.”

▪ The buyer offers more money than you were asking.

▪ The buyer asks you to send money through Western Union or MoneyGram to the “shipping agent.”

▪ The buyer sends only emails and text messages and won’t speak on the phone.

Police also advise people to be wary of emails that appear to be from PayPal and indicate the email recipient received money. Signs that the email might be fake:

▪ The email does not address you by your first and last name.

▪ The email says the money is on “hold” until you complete an action, such as sending money through Western Union, or clicking a link to submit a tracking number.

Police note that you can easily see whether you received money by logging in to your PayPal account. They caution people not to click on any links within the email. If you’ve been paid, police said, you will be able to see it in your account.

Suspicious emails regarding PayPal transactions should be forwarded to

Anyone with questions or concerns regarding possible scams is advised to call Wendy Smith, the Rocklin Police Department’s crime prevention coordinator, at (916) 625-5440, or

Cathy Locke: 916-321-5287, @lockecathy