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West Sacramento market firebombed

A Google Earth view of the site of the bombing.
A Google Earth view of the site of the bombing.

A West Sacramento ethnic market was firebombed early Monday morning.

Security video shows a man first throwing a brick through a front glass door of Venera European Market and then returning to toss a Molotov cocktail through the broken pane. The resulting fire was put out before serious damage to the market could occur.

Dmitry Pavlushkin said that he received a call from his family’s security company at 2:46 a.m. Monday about the arson. Firefighters and police responded.

A refrigerator for ice cream and other frozen goods, a cash register counter and flooring were damaged.

“There was some damage done to the business but nothing we won’t be able to manage as a family,” Pavlushkin said. “There was not as much damage as there could have been.”

He suspects that an on-going dispute with another person might have led to the crime.

The family-owned business has been operating at 2927 West Capitol Ave. for three years. The store carries products such as cheeses, canned goods and sweets from countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Poland.


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