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Two scams hitting Roseville residents

Roseville police are warning of two recent scams: the Big Check and the Phony Warrant fraudulent schemes.

The Phony Warrant scam comes complete with sound effects. This week, a Roseville resident received a call from somebody purporting to be a Lt. Greg Allen with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

In the background could be heard radio scanner traffic, making it sound as though the call was truly coming from the sheriff’s office when it was not.

The caller told the Roseville woman that she had failed to appear for jury duty and that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. The woman had not been asked to serve on a jury.

The phony lieutenant then told her to pay a fine immediately by purchasing MoneyPak Green Dot prepaid cash cards from a drugstore and then read him the numbers on the cards over the phone.

The resident followed instructions and lost thousands of dollars, according to a police safety newsletter. The scam artist also knew details about the resident, such as a previous address and names of family – information probably gleaned from Internet searches.

The Big Check scam stung a Roseville resident who owns a dog-sitting service. An unsolicited check in a large amount was sent to the pet sitter requesting her services.

She was instructed to deposit the check into her account, keeping a portion for dog-sitting that never occurred and send the remainder back to the check-sender in the form of MoneyPak Green Dot cards.

The check was fraudulent. It can take a week or longer for the bank to determine whether a deposited check is good.

The scam resulted in the resident losing the money she spent on the cards.

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