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Socks for charity stolen on Thanksgiving Day

The organizer of a sock drive for homeless people is asking the public for donations after burglars stole more than 2,500 pairs of collected socks.

The burglary occurred Thursday night at a graphics design firm on Alhambra Boulevard, according to organizer Tina Reynolds. Reynolds, owner of Uptown Studios, started the charity drive four years ago. She said computers and other equipment were stolen in addition to the socks, which were stored in a closet.

“We can replace all the other stuff, but it breaks my heart that they would steal things that we’re donating,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds was set to deliver the socks on Dec. 19 to Loaves & Fishes, but she fears there won’t be enough pairs. The drive began in October, and in previous years it raised between 3,000 and 4,000 pairs of socks. This year’s goal was 5,000 pairs.

Officials at Loaves & Fishes were not available for comment Saturday.

Reynolds said the burglars pried open a back window and did not set off the alarm to her office in a two-bedroom bungalow. Sacramento police said they are investigating the burglary but don’t have further details.

Socks are especially important for homeless people during the wet winter season, according to Reynolds.

“New socks are a treat for people,” she said.

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Donations can be mailed or dropped off in front of Uptown Studios, 410 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento.