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Woman arrested for allegedly breaking into car at Roseville gym

Helen Marie Meza
Helen Marie Meza Roseville police

Roseville police are warning residents not to leave valuables in cars then head into the gym for a workout after officers booked a woman at Placer County jail for allegedly smashing a vehicle window and making off with a purse outside a fitness center.

Police were called to a fitness center in the 2500 block of Eureka Road about 2:45 p.m. Sunday, where somebody had broken a car window and taken a purse that was inside the vehicle.

Shortly after that, credit cards from the purse were fraudulently used to buy items from nearby stores. A patrol officer developed a lead on the person who might have committed the theft after speaking with witnesses and store employees where the credit card purchases were made.

A search warrant was served at the suspected car burglar’s apartment, where officers say they found property belonging to the woman whose purse was stolen. Helen Marie Meza, 34, of Roseville was arrested on suspicion of burglary, identity theft and other charges.

Thieves often break into vehicles parked at fitness centers and trailheads, according to a police press release. The culprits know that people will be gone from the vehicles for an extended amount of time to exercise and that they may have left purses and wallets inside cars.

Officers advise people to leave their valuables at home, take them inside the athletic club or along the trail or lock them in a gym locker.

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