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Two more arrests made at Sacramento City Hall homeless protest

David Andre
David Andre

Sacramento police arrested two activists Saturday morning and issued citations to four others protesting the city’s ban on urban camping outside City Hall.

James Clark, 35, a spokesman for the group that has been camping on the City Hall grounds since Dec. 8, was arrested on suspicion of illegal camping. Another man, 52-year-old David Andre, was arrested on suspicion of illegal camping and resisting arrest, according to Sacramento police.

Police spokeswoman Officer Traci Trapani said three other campers were issued “warning citations” and a fourth was given a citation for illegal camping, but not arrested.

The group is protesting a city ordinance banning outdoor camping, arguing that it violates the human rights of the homeless.

But the city has said it has no intention of repealing the ban, arguing it’s a matter of public health. City officials also said they are focusing their strategy on increasing the stock of permanent housing for the homeless.

Officer have made more than 10 arrests at City Hall since first sweeping the area Jan. 2.

An emailed statement from Clark said camping gear and personal property used by the protesters was confiscated by police during Saturday morning’s sweep. He said protesters “now are (on) the streets without anything to protect them from the elements.”

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