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New McKinley Village sound wall attracts taggers

Video: Graffiti removal at McKinley Village Housing Development

Graffiti removal at McKinley Village Housing Development.
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Graffiti removal at McKinley Village Housing Development.

Vandals wasted little time in tagging a newly constructed sound wall separating Sacramento’s McKinley Village residential development from the Capital City Freeway.

Megan Norris, a spokeswoman for developer Phil Angelides and Riverview Capital Investments, said crews were working Tuesday to remove the graffiti.

A blank wall is quick to draw taggers. Deanna Shoopman, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation, said Caltrans crews routinely deal with graffiti removal on state-maintained sound walls and even overhead highway signs.

Norris said the developer has budgeted for such vandalism and will apply an anti-graffiti coating to make cleanup easier. Additional sound walls will be going up around the development in the spring and summer as construction of homes progresses on the 49-acre site between the Capital City Freeway and an elevated stretch of the Union Pacific railroad track.

The current cleanup will cost about $10,000, Norris said, because the tagging occurred before the anti-graffiti coating was applied. The coating will cost about $40,000, but will considerably reduce the cost of future cleaning, she said.

When the development is completed, Norris said, the homeowners association will maintain the sound walls, along with parks and other landscaped areas.

Norris said landscaping, including trees, eventually will be planted to screen the sound walls, making them less accessible to taggers and less visible to the public.

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Graffiti removal at McKinley Village Housing Development.

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