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Rescue at Ruck-a-Chucky rapids in Placer County ends with helicopter lift

A CHP helicopter swooped in to lift up a hiker who fell along the Middle Fork of the American River over the weekend and deliver him to a Roseville hospital.

The rescue at Ruck-a-Chucky rapids was needed when Chris Hammond, 57, of Kings Beach, fell after becoming light-headed. Hammond was unable to walk out so his frined hiked up the trail to get cell phone coverage, and phoned for help.

Once notified of Hammond’s predicament at around 3:45 p.m. Saturday, CHP helicopter 20 lifted off from the Auburn Airport. They found Hammond’s friend on a road above the river.

The friend was pointing downhill, allowing the helicopter crew to find the distressed Hammond sitting on a rock. The helicopter crew directed first responders on the ground to Hammond’s position.

Once Hammond’s condition was assessed, it was decided the most expeditious way to get him to the hospital was to lift him out. Personnel on the ground secured him to a stretcher and he was hoisted into the copter.

He was then transported to Sutter-Roseville Medical Center for treatment.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews