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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: Any follow-up on body found last fall in Sacramento’s McKinley Park pond?

Q: A body was found floating in the McKinley Park pond about six months ago. What happened?

Jason, Sacramento

A: The body of 54-year-old Elliot Pratt was found floating in East Sacramento’s McKinley Park duck pond on Oct. 5 by a neighborhood volunteer who was removing trash from the pond.

It was more than a month before the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office released the man’s name and cause of death. The Sacramento Bee reported the delay was due to the difficulty authorities had finding a relative to notify of Pratt’s death.

The coroner said the cause of death was drowning with other significant conditions, namely “mixed alcohol and drug intoxication.”

Police said at the time the body was recovered there were no obvious signs of foul play.

The volunteer who discovered Pratt’s body in the pond said he was floating face down, and she initially mistook the body for a bag or clothing tossed into the pond. When she tried to retrieve it with a “reacher” device, she found it was heavy and then discovered it was a body.

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