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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: What happened former Sacramento officials’ children involved in scandals?

Q: What were the dispositions of the separate legal charges involving misuse of city positions for two offspring of locally elected officials, Serna and Waters?

Ron, Sacramento

A: Lisa Serna-Mayorga, daughter of the late Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna, and Dan Waters, son of former Sacramento City Councilman Robbie Waters, lost their jobs with the city of Sacramento, Serna-Mayorga in a case involving misuse of a city credit card and Waters, following a permit scandal.

Serna-Mayorga admitted a felony misappropriation of $19,043.29 in public funds, according to stories in The Sacramento Bee. She had gained access to a city credit card through her job as council operations manager for Mayor Kevin Johnson.

In a plea deal, she admitted guilt to a single felony misappropriation count, and the District Attorney’s Office dropped additional charges of grand theft, forging the name of former mayoral chief of staff Kunal Merchant on her purchasing statements and writing bad checks when she first tried to repay the city.

She was sentenced to five years probation and 270 days in jail, with the opportunity to apply to serve the time at home under electronic monitoring. She also agreed to repay the city the lost funds.

Waters, who worked for the city’s Community Development Department, initially was suspended, then transferred after it was discovered that he had issued new home permits in 2009 in Natomas, in violation of a federal building ban in that area where nearby levees were being upgraded. The Bee reported that the city in November 2010 initiated the process to dismiss Waters.

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