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Grass Valley woman arrested in death of chickens, goats

A Grass Valley woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly opened a chicken coop and allowed her dogs to kill several chickens and a goat.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office received a call about 12:40 p.m. regarding a woman who was walking down the middle of Squirrel Creek Road. About the same time, a call was received from a juvenile, also on Squirrel Creek Road, who reported being followed home from a bus stop by a woman with two dogs.

The juvenile made it home, and the woman attempted to open the door to the residence but was unsuccessful, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. The juvenile then heard noise from chickens in the backyard, saw the woman open the chicken coop and direct her dogs into the coop, sheriff’s officials said. The dogs killed several chickens and a goat that were inside the coop.

The family had placed the goat in the coop because of previous dog attacks in the area in which some of their other animals had been killed.

The same woman proved to be the subject of both calls to the Sheriff’s Office, sheriff’s officials said. Jolene Mulligan, 36, was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs and felony cruelty to animals.

Sheriff’s officials said the case is being forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

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