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Crime Q&A: Was anyone arrested in suspected hit-and-run boating death?

Q: In the summer of 2009, my friend Ken Weatherington was attacked on his boat on the Sacramento River. The boat was found drifting and Ken had been locked in the bottom of the boat with a broken neck. He later died at the hospital. Has anyone been caught for this crime?

Jody, Roseville

A: No arrests have been reported in the July 2009 death of Ken Weatherington, a 51-year-old postal worker from Citrus Heights.

Sacramento police said at the time that the death might have stemmed from a hit-and-run boating collision. Weatherington had left his home to fish overnight on the Sacramento River. When he did not return the next day, July 20, family members went looking for him.

They found his boat anchored in the middle of the Sacramento River, north of Old Sacramento. His son reported finding the keys in the boat ignition and the cabin door locked. When he unlocked the door and went inside the cabin, he found is father on the floor with a broken neck and other injuries.

Weatherington was taken to UC Davis Medical Center and police were called. Family members said that he regained consciousness while in the hospital and tried to tell his wife what had happened to him, saying that some people had jumped on his boat.

Police said Weatherington’s boat had damage that was consistent with another boat hitting it. Family members told The Sacramento Bee at the time that the bow was knocked down at an angle, there were large scrapes on the top front of the boat and much of the bow railing on one side was missing.

Weatherington died of his injuries July 27, a week after he was found aboard the boat.

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