Hate group targets UC Davis with propaganda fliers

Fliers directing students to a white supremacist web site greeted professors and students at UC Davis Monday.

The fliers, which were taped to two buildings at the school, read: “Are you sick of anti-white propaganda in college? You are not alone. THERIGHTSTUFF.BIZ.”

The web site belongs to an extreme group that rails against minorities, gay people and liberals.

A professor spotted the fliers and told administrators.

“These fliers were removed from the buildings as they were found to be in violation of our Principles of Community,” said Kimberly Hale, university spokeswoman.

Hale said that fliers and other hate speech show up at the campus every couple of years. “It doesn’t happen often,” she said.

A hate group also sent spam to fax machines to universities across the country, including UC Davis, a few months ago, she said. “It wasn’t locally generated,” she said.

Hale said it would be speculation to say that the hateful flier is connected to the recent presidential election. “But if it is it’s now time for us to try to come together and chart a positive path forward as a nation,” she said. “It’s okay to have differences of opinion, but it should always be done with respect and civility.”

Hale said the campus has been calm since 2,000 people - students and protestors - marched through campus and into the streets of downtown Davis the night of the election. The protest was peaceful and there were no arrests, according to the Davis Police Department.

Diana Lambert: 916-321-1090, @dianalambert