See how many students are chronically absent at every school in the Sacramento region

About one in nine public school students in the Sacramento region were “chronically absent” last school year, meaning they missed at least 10 percent of classes, new state figures show.

Chronic absenteeism is associated with high course failure rates and low high school graduation rates. In the Sacramento region and across California, schools with a high proportion of students living in poverty also tend to have high chronic absenteeism rates.

This map shows the percentage of students in each school in the Sacramento region who missed at least 10 percent of classes during the 2017-18 school year, according to the California Department of Education.

Schools with the most and least students "chronically absent"

Schools with low absenteeism rates in blue | Schools with high absenteeism rates in red
Phillip Reese is a data specialist at The Bee and teaches at Sacramento State: 916-321-1137