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Jasper, the parrot who made people smile, has died at the Sacramento Zoo

Jasper was a favorite at the Sacramento Zoo.
Jasper was a favorite at the Sacramento Zoo. Sacramento Zoo photo

One of the real characters at the Sacramento Zoo, the talkative Amazon parrot Jasper, has uttered his last “Hello.”

Jasper, 27, was euthanized Monday after valiant efforts by zookeepers to lengthen his life. The plain-colored Amazon parrot, hatched June 7, 1989, at the Phoenix Zoo, found a home in Sacramento, where he was known for his friendly nature and chatty ways.

His loud “Hello” or “Meow” greetings were conversation starters with zoo visitors.

He was diagnosed with a severe heart condition two years ago, according to zoo officials. Jasper received treatments for his cardiac condition and many of his symptoms were controlled, lengthening his life.

He was euthanized after an exam revealed that his heart problems had worsened and that he had developed liver disease.

One of the largest Amazon parrots, the plain-colored are found in the rainforests and foothills of South America and parts of Central America and Mexico. The birds are known for chirps, tweets, squawks and the ability to mimic human speech.

The gentle nature of the parrots make them social around birds of another feather as well their own species. While not endangered, their numbers are declining in the wild because of Amazon deforestation.

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