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Army Reserve maintenance facility deemed unsafe by OSHA after employee’s death

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration notified the U.S. Army Reserve 63rd Regional Support Command on Nov. 16 of unsafe working conditions at a south Sacramento maintenance facility after an employee was crushed by machinery earlier this year.

A civilian employee was killed on the job May 23 when an automatic lifting system on a utility vehicle failed, crushing him between the frame of the vehicle and the bed of a cargo box, according to OSHA documents.

OSHA stated in its notice that the facility’s energy control system procedures had not been fully developed for maintenance on utility vehicles, which the Department of Labor organization deemed a “serious” violation.

“This tragedy could have been prevented had a job hazard analysis been conducted, and an effective safety and health program been in place,” OSHA Oakland Area Director Amber Rose said in a news release.

Additionally, the facility failed to provide copies of injury and illness records within four business hours, as is required by law, according to OSHA documents. The facility did not turn over records until July 9, more than two months past its deadline, which is considered a non-serious violation by OSHA.

The 63rd Regional Support Command has until Dec. 13 to address the energy control violations, according to OSHA documents.