Grand causeway debut opens vistas for travelers

The causeway over the Yolo basin was completed in 1916.
The causeway over the Yolo basin was completed in 1916. Special to The Bee

1916: The two-lane Yolo Causeway is opened. The $40,000 project drastically cuts the commute between Sacramento and San Francisco during the rainy season. Motorists still have to take ferries at the Carquinez Strait and Oakland.

A four-day celebration, including a large parade, was held to herald the causeway’s opening. Here’s an excerpt from a story in The Sacramento Bee on May 13, 1916:

Cheering thousands, extending along miles of Sacramento streets today watched, enthralled at the passing of the great Causeway parade.

Miles upon miles of beauty, consisting of hundreds of beautifully decorated floats and autos, moved through the streets, while the entire Sacramento Valley, the Capital City and the State applauded and gave a tremendous ovation and blessing to the joining of the East Side and the West Side, the union of two great component parts of the inland empire – the Sacramento Valley and Superior California.

It was a wonderful demonstration, significant of the new order of things, Miss Side blushingly casting her approving eyes on Mr. East Side, when the West Side cavalcade crossed the M Street bridge and was joined by the Sacramento contingent with a blare of horns, trumpets and the resounding drums, the cheers of the thousands waiting and flashing of brilliant colors.