This Week in Sacramento History July 16-22

July 16, 1974: Sacramento City School District trustees approve turning over Hughes Stadium to Los Rios Community College District, which will raze it and levy a 5-cent tax to finance construction of a smaller stadium. Turnover is contingent on an interim plan for the use of Hughes and Cosumnes River College stadium.

Quote: "You've been magnificent on the big things -- conventions, assassinations, Watergate hearings. But in the day-in, day-out business of covering politics and covering government, you've too often been lazy, naïve or indifferent." -- Houston Flournoy, GOP candidate for governor, speaking to California Broadcasters Association

July 17, 1934: The widespread general strike continues in the Bay Area. In Oakland, armed National Guard troops patrol. In San Francisco, police raid meeting places of alleged Communists accused of provoking strikers. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce estimates the strike is costing the city $1 million a day.

Quote: "It is inconceivable that a great city, a great state, and a great nation shall lie down supinely in the face of this threat and permit law and order to be throttled, and the rights of men, women and children to be trampled upon." -- Editor C.K. McClatchy, in a column denouncing the more radical elements perpetuating the Bay Area strike

July 18, 1995: One of eight spill gates holding back a swollen Folsom Lake bursts, opening a hole that will eventually spill 410,000 acre-feet of water down the American River. The increased flow poses no threat of flooding. The broken gate can't be repaired until more than 40 percent of the swollen lake is drained. Officials estimate that $2 million in potential electricity will be lost as a result of the accident.

Quote: "It's hard to find the adjectives for the terror the defendant put these hostages through." -- Judge W.J. Harpham, sentencing Loi Khac Nguyen to 49 consecutive life terms in prison for his role in the 1991 Good Guys siege

July 19, 1881: The Sacramento Board of Education reviews and rejects contractor bids for two new school buildings. Bids for the one-story range from $3,500 to $3,757. Bids for the two-story range from $6,600 to $7,699. John Skelton is awarded a contract to supply 100 cords of live oak and 10 cords of pine.

Quote: "Many, most, perhaps all, of the present United States Senators have bought, in one way or another, the seats they occupy. Merit, qualification, adaptability, have something, often much, to do with securing to them votes, but it is seldom that they can reach the goal of their ambition on such votes ... " -- Bee editorial

July 20, 1915: The Sacramento Board of Park Directors says it won't approve the purchase of 16 acres for an addition to McKinley Park unless property owners are willing to contribute some of the money. The land is valued at $3,100 an acre, and with interest, street improvement, etc., the addition would cost about $80,000. The board considers an assessment district, but east Sacramento residents object.

Quote: "While all good citizens should welcome peace and deplore war, still the 'peace-at-any-price' citizen is no credit to his country. Men who join such a (peace) League as this are not good Americans. If this country were to be in war tomorrow, they would be recognized as traitors ..." -- Bee editorial

July 21, 1949: School officials agree to send voters a proposal to merge San Juan Union High School District with Arden Elementary School District. Once approved by regional and state commissions, the county school superintendent must set an election date. If passed, the unification would go into effect July 1, 1950.

Quote: "President Robert Sproul told the graduating class at the University of California at Los Angeles that human material progress has out-stripped ethical and spiritual growth. ... It does not take a brilliant mind clearly to see that big question mark looming after the atom bomb." -- Bee editorial

July 22, 1954: A rash of brush and forest fires burns more than 11,000 acres, destroys at least 10 buildings and threatens a wide area near Redding. All are believed to have been set. Other fires in Northern California and western Nevada burn more than 12,500 acres in the Tahoe National Forest Bald Mountain area, in the Toiyabe National Forest Ball's Canyon area and in the timber area 10 miles north of Susanville.

Quote: "Social Security is but one of the bribes offered to prevent focusing public attention on the economic cancers. ... At best it is mostly government enforced charity, an economic drain like all charity without the spiritual uplift of actual charity." -- Charles T. Menten, in a letter to the editor