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Marcos Bretón

How can we honor the passing of Holocaust survivor Bernard Marks? Heed his words.

Bernard Marks, who died Dec. 28, survived the Holocaust and saw current events through that lens of personal history. He made national news in 2017 by speaking out against Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones during a public meeting with Thomas Homan, then the acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and spoke at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting concerning Jones’ actions, use of force, and the Inspector General’s role.

Marcos Bretón

The last Republican: We won’t see the likes of Robbie Waters again

Robbie Waters, 82, served as a Republican in a now thoroughly Democratic town: He was a Sacramento city councilman for 16 years, was elected Sacramento County Sheriff, had been a detective with the Sacramento Police Department, has a public library named after him in the Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood, and in 2018 self-published an autobiography chronicling his life.

A candid chat with Robbie Waters about retirement, being a Republican and his book.

Robbie Waters talks about retirement, being a Republican and his book.