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Show support by inflaming a protest? What was Sheriff Scott Jones thinking?

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones Monday suggested those who support police should attend the Tuesday protest at the Sacramento Convention Center for the six-month mark of the shooting death of Stephon Clark, creating more conflict between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and counter-protesters, and leaving Sacramento Police. to keep the peace.

Marcos Bretón

You’re still surprised by pedophile priests? Here’s how to stop them

The latest scandal to rock the Catholic Church raises the question of what can be done to prevent pedophile priests from sexually abusing those who follow them blindly. The answer that Bishop Jaime Soto of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento found was to hew to the law over that loyalty and, regrettably, he found this path after erring in his judgment of a colleague, Andrew Christian Andersen, in Orange County years ago.

Marcos Bretón

Who is Rick Braziel? A thorn to Sheriff Jones with a mission to save lives

All Sacramento County Inspector General Rick Braziel wants to do is save lives and help law enforcement improve how it handles lethal force, and in doing so has drawn the ire of Sheriff Scott Jones in the case Mikel McIntyre, gunned down more than a year ago by deputies firing at him on the shoulder of Highway 50 near Zinfandel Drive. Jones says Braziel is not an expert. He is.

‘The letter was stupid and naive.’ Bishop Soto’s regret for supporting convicted priest

In 1986, then-auxiliary bishop Jaime Soto wrote a letter of support for his former classmate Chris Andersen after he was convicted on 26 felony counts of child molestation. Now, as bishop of the Sacramento Diocese, Soto talks about his regrets.