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Sacramento’s beloved tree canopy is in grave danger. Here’s what you can do to help save it

Help us protect the city’s beloved canopy: Donate to the Sacramento Tree Foundation and get a special Bee subscription. The subscription information will be in your donation confirmation.

Trees are a part of Sacramento’s identity. But our tree canopy is facing a critical moment.

Climate change, sprawl, invasive species and an aging tree stock are combining to create a severe threat. And it’s left scientists and urban planners wondering whether a tree canopy that helps protect us from Sacramento’s blistering summer heat will be there for the next generation.

The Sacramento Bee has a long history of fighting for and protecting our city’s urban forest. For more than 160 years, the McClatchy family has advocated for planting and preserving trees in the city they helped build.

With that in mind, The Bee and the Sacramento Tree Foundation have forged a partnership to improve the long-term health of our city’s beloved tree canopy. That partnership began Sept. 19, with our story highlighting the risks facing the tree canopy. We’ve also covered a tiny insect’s potential threat to Sacramento’s trees, and explored how the urban forest divides the city in income and health.

Here’s how you can help.

We are asking that you consider donating to the Tree Foundation to help support its tree-plantings and other worthy causes.

And when you do, you will receive an offer to purchase a digital subscription to The Bee with one of the best deals we’ve ever offered. The first three months of your subscription will be free. There’s no minimum donation to the Tree Foundation to qualify for the offer, and the deal will be available through the end of October.

Let’s protect our tree canopy.

As James McClatchy, the second editor of The Bee, wrote in 1857, trees keep us cool. And with them protecting us, “our city will almost appear a forest.”

»» Donate to the Sacramento Tree Foundation here, and get the special subscription to The Bee.

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