When is the best time to book your holiday flight? Sooner rather than later

With the holidays just around the corner, many begin to make travel plans to see family or take a vacation. But travelling around the holidays can be a headache, and sometimes a financial burden.

So when is the best time to book that holiday flight if you want to save some money? Skyscanner says, now.

The best time to buy a flight for Christmas is between Oct. 8 and Nov. 19. If you book within that window, Skyscanner says you could save about 3 percent on your flight.

And based on last year’s Christmas travel data, Skyscanner determined the cheapest month to book a domestic flight over the holidays is in October. Booking around that time would save you about 4 percent. October is also the prime time to book international flights, as prices for those flights could increase 5 percent above average when booking in December.

Last-minute flights a week before Christmas tend to be 9 percent above average ticket prices. And last year, the average round-trip flight price over Christmas was $910.