Your roadside selfies are hurting sunflowers – and traffic flow, Solano sheriff says

Those bright yellow flowers sure are pretty, but you do realize you’re trespassing, right?

A stern social media post Monday by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office claims that a recent uptick in selfie-takers has caused “noticeable concern” and frustration for the area’s farmers, the private property of whom is being stepped on.

“As alluring as a picturesque sunflower field may be to a dedicated selfie seeker, farmers in Solano County are asking visitors to PLEASE respect their property when they’re trying to snap that perfect shot,” the post said.

The Facebook post also cites sheriff’s Deputy Jim Currie’s account that “large, eye-catching fields,” like one in Dixon off Sievers Road, are drawing in some visitors who are entering the fields to snap their pics, damaging crops as they do so.

“This is illegal, and farmers have every right to request selfie seekers stay off their private property,” the post warns.

The sheriff’s office also says drivers pulling over to take in these sights are causing traffic congestion, and urged people to park safely and legally if they do choose to take photos – and, again, to avoid trespassing in the process.

Michael McGough anchors The Sacramento Bee’s breaking news reporting team, covering public safety and other local stories. A Sacramento native and lifelong capital resident, he interned at The Bee while attending Sacramento State, where he earned a degree in journalism.