Want a historic bus-stop sign? Sacramento Regional Transit is giving them away

The Sacramento Regional Transit agency is taking down 2,500 old bus stop signs this month, but instead of selling them all as scrap, the agency has an idea it thinks will appeal to memorabilia fans and devoted riders: The agency will give signs to members of the public for free to do with what they want.

(They only ask you don’t put them on a pole in front of your house. That would likely be a sign ordinance violation, and could also confuse some rookie bus riders.)

“We know there are a lot of Sacramento RT fans and we want to give them a piece of history,” said SacRT official Devra Selenis.

Requests for a sign can be made by emailing or calling 916-557-4545. Signs can be picked up starting Oct. 1.

The signs, designed 30 years ago, are being replaced as part of a major bus route modernization plan to be instituted on Sunday, Sept. 8. Almost every bus route will be adjusted. The new routes will come with new signs that have more information on them, including the final destination of each bus, allowing riders unfamiliar with the system to know where that bus is headed.

The new signs have vinyl cling strips on them for now. The vinyl will be removed the weekend the new routes launch.

Agency officials said the signs would be available on first-come, first-served basis. People would reserve a sign – one per person – and pick it up at a SacRT facility. Officials figure that most signs will not be claimed, and will end up going to a recycling center to serve a second purpose.

SacRT staff has been contacting riders on buses about the upcoming Sept. 8 route changes. A SacRT Forward trip planner is available at The website also has a list of schedules and maps for the new routes. For more information, call the agency’s call center at 916-321-2877.

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