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Redheads, it’s time to celebrate. Here are 5 fun facts for Love Your Red Hair Day

Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day with these famous redheads

Nov. 5 is a day for the nation's redheads to rejoice in their unique locks.
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Nov. 5 is a day for the nation's redheads to rejoice in their unique locks.

Nov. 5 is a day for redheads to celebrate.

National Love Your Red Hair Day was started in 2015 by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, co-founders of How to Be a Redhead, according to

Here are some interesting facts about redheads:

  • Across the globe, only about 2 percent of people have red hair. Some of the highest concentrations of redheads hail from Scotland (13 percent) and Ireland (10 percent), IrishCentral reports.
  • Studies have found that redheads appear to be more sensitive to pain, according to LiveScience. This is likely because the gene MC1R that is behind red hair is related to the family of receptors linked to pain perception. This means redheads can be more sensitive to heat and cold, and they usually require more anesthesia for dental and medical procedures.
  • Natural redheads allegedly rarely have blue eyes because both red hair and blue eyes are recessive traits, according to Medical Daily. Seventeen percent of people worldwide have blue eyes. Most have brown eyes, followed by hazel or green.
  • Redheads are skilled at making their own vitamin D, which helps prevent osteoporosis, as their bodies are apparently more effective at taking in sunlight, reports.
  • There has been contentious debate over whether redheads are going extinct amid climate change. The Grist points out, through interviews with experts, where the extinction claims fall short, saying, “No, of course climate change won’t make redheads go extinct.” The Washington Post builds on Grist’s assertion. This could give redheads something to smile about.