Watch police K-9 snatch a loaded shotgun from armed suspect

The newest K-9 of the Pensacola (Florida) Police Department is being credited with saving the lives of several officers and a suspect after the police dog took a loaded shotgun out of the hands of an armed burglary suspect.

The incident on June 21, 2018, was caught on body camera video when Oliver Hurst, 36, went across the street to a girlfriend’s house and forced his way inside the front door armed with a shotgun, according to police. Police say he threatened the woman with the gun before retreating back to his residence.

When officers arrived, they saw Hurst on his front porch. When he refused orders from officers to surrender, he ran inside his house and grabbed the shotgun from a couch, according to police.

Enter Foster, an 18 month old German shepherd. The dog latched onto the shotgun and pulled it from the hands of Hurst. Officers deployed a Taser on Hurst who was then taken into custody as K-9 Foster took the weapon away from the area and into another room where it was seized by officers.

Hurst was taken into custody and charged with armed burglary, aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief, and aggravated assault, police said.

Later, Foster was awarded a treat - a steak - for his efforts.