She mailed meth to a prisoner, cops say. She left notes on mailing meth to prison inside

Sara Elizabeth Russell
Sara Elizabeth Russell Wichita County Sheriff's Office

The handmade card delivered to the mailroom at a Wichita Falls, Texas, prison had a suspicious bulge behind a photo, authorities told KFDX.

When a worker at the maximum-security James V. Allred Unit pulled on the photo, she found a clear plastic bag containing a powdery substance later identified as methamphetamine hidden behind it, investigators told the station.

The package also included handwritten instructions on how to tape the bag behind the photo, officials told KFDX.

An illegible address had been scribbled on the package with a U.S. Post Office return to sender form made out to Jason Burkett, an inmate at the Wichita Falls prison, authorities told KCEN.

Burkett, serving two life sentences for his role in a 2001 triple murder, told prison officials he sent the card to Sara Elizabeth Russell, 29, of Katy, Texas, but denied asking her to send him drugs, according to the station.

Investigators found Russell’s fingerprints on the package and arrested her Thursday on suspicion of sending a prohibited substance to a correctional facility, reported KCEN. They believe Burkett mailed Russell the card with instructions to send it back with the drugs hidden inside.

Burkett and Michael James “Romeo” Perry were convicted in the 2001 deaths of Sandra Stotler, 50, and two teens in Conroe, Texas, reported The Houston Chronicle.

Perry was executed in 2010 for killing Stotler, while Burkett received two life sentences in the deaths of Adam Stotler, 16, and his friend Jeremy Richardson, 18, according to the publication.

Before his execution, Perry accused Burkett of all three killings, the Chronicle reported.

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