‘I’m going to make sure you go viral.’ Angry mom confronts accused voyeur on video

Jorge Leon-Alfaro
Jorge Leon-Alfaro Salt Lake City Police Department

When Doris Stiles-Scrown says she spotted a man filming her 12-year-old daughter in the changing room of a Rue 21 shop in Salt Lake City, she and other shoppers chased him to the parking lot, reported KUTV.

Then she broke out her phone and took some video of her own.

The video, posted Saturday by Stiles-Scrown to her Facebook page, shows a man sitting on an asphalt parking lot surrounded by other shoppers and store security personnel as they wait for police.

“This right here is what a predator looks like,” Stiles-Scrown says, sounding shaken. “Not today, buddy. Not today.”

She orders the man, who’s looking down at the pavement, to look at her, although he declines.

“I’m going to make sure your face gets out, so that you’re not in any more stalls looking (at) little girls dressing,” Stiles-Scrown tells him. “I’m going to make sure you go viral.”

“You’re a sick pervert,” she continues. “A 12-year-old girl, 12-year-old girl! That’s what she gets for her birthday? Her birthday’s in two days, she gets some sick pervert looking under her stall, trying to grab her?”

The video shot by Stiles-Scrown had been viewed more than 7.5 million times by Monday morning.

Salt Lake City police arrested Jorge Leon-Alfaro, 36, on suspicion of voyeurism in connection with the 7:30 p.m. Saturday incident at a shopping mall, reported KSTU.

“From all indications, it sounded like an attempt to film up into that dressing room from an adjacent one,” detective Greg Wilking told KSL-TV.

Wilking told KTVX that Stiles-Scrown did the right thing by notifying police as she chased after Leon-Alfaro, although he cautioned against people trying to take the law into their own hands.

“Certainly getting police on the way as fast as you can is the right thing to do,” Wilking told the station. “We want to identify these individuals when stuff like this happens.”

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