Prowler licks California home’s doorbell for hours with kids inside, video shows

A security video shows a stranger approach the front door of a Salinas, California, home early Friday, then look directly into the camera before proceeding to lick the doorbell — for hours, KION reports.

Pretty creepy stuff,” said homeowner Dave Dungan, KPIX reported. The Dungans were out of town but their children were home during the incident.

The video from the movement-activated Ring doorbell camera also shows the intruder interrupted his lascivious licking “to relieve himself in the front lawn” and steal extension cords used for holiday lights, KION reported.

A neighbor later found the extension cords and returned them, KPIX reported.

“He’s obviously being pretty perverted and weird about it,” said Commander Matt Maldonado of the Salinas Police Department, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Police identified the man in the video as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, who is being sought on suspicion of petty theft and prowling, KION reported.

The Dungans spent the weekend disinfecting their doorbell, KPIX reported.

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