NC State grad tweets Outer Banks photo taken from NASA’s International Space Station

Christina Koch’s tweet of the Outer Banks as seen from space.
Christina Koch’s tweet of the Outer Banks as seen from space.

N.C. State graduate-turned-astronaut Christina Koch gave a nod to her home state Monday when she tweeted a photo of the Outer Banks taken from the International Space Station.

The image shows North Carolina’s barrier islands from about 250 miles above, on a largely cloudless day.

“It took my breath away as it came into focus,” Koch tweeted. “My first glimpse of coastal North Carolina from space. It’s a special thing to see from above the place where you grew up-- the ocean that first inspired my fascination with things that make me feel small & planted the seed to explore.”

The image has gotten nearly 1,000 retweets and 4,700 likes in the past day, including thanks from North Carolinians for “making us #NCproud.

N.C. State says Koch is a three-time graduate of the university, “with bachelor’s degrees in physics and electrical engineering and a master’s in electrical engineering.”

Koch was born in Michigan but grew up on the North Carolina coast in Jacksonville, according to NASA.

She was selected by NASA to be an astronaut in 2013 and trained two years before heading to the International Space Station in March, NASA said.

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