Small-town cops take ribbing over photos of pig detained in back of NC patrol car

The jail bird pig was photographed sitting in the back of a patrol car, looking very guilty.
The jail bird pig was photographed sitting in the back of a patrol car, looking very guilty. Thomasville Police Dept. photo

A pig was taken into police custody Thursday morning in North Carolina, and social media can’t get enough of the photos showing it looking guilty in the back of a squad car.

The arrest happened in Thomasville, where police said they found the pig around 9:15 a.m., wandering a neighborhood in the 100 block of Rodelia Street.

Yes, there was a pig in rush hour traffic... or Thomasville’s version of rush hour. The town of about 27,000 people is 80 miles northeast of Charlotte.

Thomasville police tweeted three photos of the scruffy-looking pig sitting in the back of a patrol car, including two with its head poking mournfully out the back window.

It’s not clear if they did it in humor, or were just hoping someone would recognize the wayward pig and come pick it up. It wasn’t explained how they caught the pig and wrestled it into the squad car.

“Efforts to locate the owner were not successful. Contact the Davidson Co. Animal Shelter if you know who the pig belongs to,” said the tweet.

Later in the day, someone shared photos of the pig in solitary at the animal shelter.

Within an hour of the police tweet, media outlets ran with such headlines as: “Pig Goes ‘Hog Wild’ and Police Give It a Patrol Car Ride to the Animal Shelter.”

Hundreds of commenters on Twitter and Facebook also chimed in with an exhausting list of hog, pork and bacon puns, including a WXII TV reporter who called it a “HAM-BER ALERT.”

Several noted the pig appeared to be smiling in defiance on his way to the pokey.

“Only in Thomasville,” posted Kathy Autry on Facebook.

“Charge him with possible hamicid,” tweeted Donna Coffey.

“Calling Swine-1-1...,” said Kendrick Fruits.

Marilu Elder of Atascadero wants to run a pot-bellied pig rescue on her property and wants the city to redefine her pets as miniature pigs.

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