‘It actually slapped the boat.’ Watch large shark snatch angler’s fish off Cape Cod

A video posted on Instagram over the weekend is rattling ocean anglers, after it showed a great white shark popping from the water to gobble a hapless bass that was being reeled into a charter boat.

The scene played out off Cape Cod and details were shared by the Providence Police, with a reminder of how unpredictable sharks are off Rhode Island.

“It actually slapped the boat with its tail,” says the police Facebook post. “Captain Marc Costa had just taken a group of people out fishing in Cape Cod Bay when a shark leapt out of the water right in front of them.”

No one was injured, but the passengers were rattled, the video shows.

The video was posted by Columbia Sportsfishing, based in Orleans, Mass., and the incident took place 1 p.m. Saturday, three miles west of Great Island in Cape Cod Bay, police said.

“Bringing the fish in, you can see what happened,” Costa was quoted telling police. “That animal came up and grabbed the fish, right there. Right in our faces. It was pretty cool.”

The shark “grabbed the fish and then it made a circular leap to get back in the water,” he told police. That’s when part of it slapped the boat, he said.

Passengers, including a boy, are heard yelling in the video and seen sprinting away from the back of the boat as water splashes around them.

It has been viewed more than 11,000 times since Costa posted it. The video has gotten even more attention -- 187,000 views -- after being shared on Facebook by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, which called it “incredible footage of a white shark.”

Costa told police it was the second time in 10 days that he had a shark snatch a fish as it was being reeled in.

“Sharks are continually spotted in the waters off Cape Cod as they prey upon seals in the area,” police added in the post. “Last year one man died and another man was seriously injured by sharks.”

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