Man kidnaps wife, drops kids off in NC in plot to kill man she was texting, cops say

A man who used a gun to force his wife and kids from their house was caught after driving them almost 400 miles to North Carolina, police say.

It all started when police say Aaron Dees, 24, showed up with a gun at his wife’s bedside in Gray, Kentucky, over the weekend, WYMT reports.

He made her and two kids leave their house and “threatened to shoot her and her children if she attempted to get help,” the Knox County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday on Facebook.

Dees allegedly hoped to drive to Florida to “kill a man his wife had been texting,” WDKY reports.

The husband told his wife she could see the man “bleed out,” police say, according to the station.

But cops say the family never made it to Florida, WDKY reports.

Dees drove to Jackson Springs, North Carolina, where he brought the kids to their grandparents, according to information from the sheriff’s office and WDKY.

The wife managed to get away from Dees and go back to her hometown, Knox County officials say.

Dees was caught and charged with kidnapping and first-degree wanton endangerment, the sheriff’s office says.

He told WYMT he wanted to meet the man his wife was texting but “denies saying he would kill” him. Dees said his wife created the whole story because they were having issues in their marriage, the station reports.

“At no point was anything out of the ordinary...,“ Dees said, according to the station. “I’m in shock.”

He received a $100,000 bond and is being held in the Knox County Detention Center, inmate records show.

An investigation into the case is ongoing, officials say.

Jackson Springs is in Moore County, about 55 miles northwest of Fayetteville.