Mom puts hurt bobcat in SUV with her child. Not a good idea, Colorado officials say

A Colorado woman who found a badly injured bobcat Wednesday tried to help, state wildlife officials wrote on Twitter.

“A ColoradoSprings woman picked up this injured wild cat and put it in her car where her child was seated!” Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials wrote on Twitter.

A wildlife officer summoned to aid the bobcat discovered the unrestrained cat under a blanket in the back of the SUV, just feet from the child’s car seat, officials wrote.

Wildlife experts suggested this might not have been the best course of action. Or, as they put it on Twitter, “NEVER PICK UP WILD ANIMALS!”

The bobcat, which had to be euthanized as a result of its injuries, was too hurt to react when the woman picked it up, officials wrote on Twitter.

“She was lucky,” officials wrote. “No one should EVER try this. This could have been tragic.”

Officials advised people to call their state wildlife agency if they find sick or injured wild animals.

“Big heart,small brain!” responded one person on Twitter.

“The fact that you even have to warn people not to do this is mind boggling!” read another response.

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